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  1. 1.Go to link Rubot tools (Viewer bot) 2.Select the subscription time (6 months or 10 yers), and hit the buy button 3.Click this button 5.Next, select the payment method, tick the box and click the payment button 6.Immediately after payment the program will be available at this link https://rubot.ovh/clients/purchases/ If you have any problems with payment or downloading the program please contact this topic
  2. Let's start with the fact that the rubot program works exclusively on socks5 proxy I want to tell you about two proven and popular service providing good proxy for rubot 1. https://awmproxy.net/ The site provides several tariff plans Basic tariff : Quantity of private proxies: 12 000, Quantity of flows for account: 350 simultaneous connections Price: 30days - 95$, 60days - 260$ This package is enough for 200-800 stable bots Standart tariff: Quantity of private proxies: 20 000, Quantity of flows for account: 2000 simultaneous connections Price: 30days - 195$, 60days - 525$ This package is enough for 200-3000 stable bots 2.https://rsocks.net/ On this service there are separate packages for cheating twitch.tv youtube.com Twitch pack proxies: >2500 Price: week 30$ month 100$ Youtube pack proxies: >3000 Price: week 30$ month 100$ Quantity of flows for account: 300 simultaneous connections 3. Free proxies (not private) You can use free proxy servers from the Internet, but they are of poor quality, and they quickly fall into the black list of sites http://www.socks24.org http://www.socksproxylist24.top If you have any questions on finding or proxy settings to ask them in this thread
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