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Found 25 results

  1. facing this issue when using binance for payment https://prnt.sc/0QEgewJNDOKq please what i do now. payment amount is 19.40 and i have 20.07 BUSD. and Everytime i am Facing This Error when i am trying to pay using binance
  2. Hello good afternoon Fortek From now on I want to congratulate you on the release of RbTools 7! I want to warn you that I can't access RbTools 7 because you simply gave permission to people who have YT Simple I have YT ULTRA and it keeps showing an error saying that my license is invalid I would like you to give access to RbTools 7 to people who only have YT Ultra, as only people who have YT Simple can have access to RbTools 7 My YT Ultra license would end on the 16th but it's been 2 days since I can't use YT Ultra because the "Invalid License" error appears PS: Only people who have YT Simple can now have access to RbTools 7. My YT Simple has expired but I still have my YT ULTRA until the 16th, but counting on these two days I couldn't use YT ULTRA , my license should expire on the 18th at least But there is a lot of things that you should implement again in RbTools 7, like proxy timer and other things, a forum member right a topic talking about that
  3. payment done by bitcoin my Order #28332 please check.
  4. sir my simple download is not getting i am not understanding anything please help me
  5. I am not able to see client area option anymore
  6. @Fortek Please fix the socks4 methods of Ultra & simple both giving only 100 viewers Please check Whats The Problem . I recently purchased 15k+ socks4 premium proxies but not work i also test with rubot proxy but same Problem . i tested using different cookies but socks4 methods not working . In https method its giving 1k+ viewers . Here i post this because socks4 method is more powerfull . Advance Thanks . please fix it .
  7. How to buy with btc what's the process .... and what are the steps after payment ...
  8. Hello, i am interested in buying rbtool but unfortunately i am not from russia so only method i can do is by bitcoin. On choosing that option its not telling me the exact amount in BTC that should be paid. Please admin/moderators help me in my purchase. I really want to buy but i am confused Russian Translation- Здравствуйте, я заинтересован в покупке rbtool, но, к сожалению, я не из России, поэтому единственный способ, который я могу сделать, - это биткойны. При выборе этого варианта мне не сообщается точная сумма в BTC, которая должна быть оплачена. Прошу админа / модераторов помочь мне в покупке. Я очень хочу купить но я запуталась
  9. @Fortek Recently YouTube algorithm update and all things are going on, streamers are getting only concurrent watching but not recommendation like before Since viewbots are in market from some years, have you faced an update like this? Because I think this is the strongest update from youtube or They have made updates like this in past and you have bypassed through it in past? Will viewbots work again? And approx how much time will it take?
  10. Купил за 500 р у вас в магазине Super Twitch God 2020 v.1.3 (BABATOOL). Мало того, что в файле вирус (хотя написано, что майнер вырезан), так ещё и софт не работает. @Fortek зачем ты так?..
  11. @Fortek привет. Можно ли как-то сменить ключ к лицензии? У меня возможна утечка. К моему VDS подключался недоброжелатель, который мог скопипастить софт с лицензией. Меры принял - пароли поменял на айхоре. Но вот за лицензию переживаю. Я на данный момент пользуюсь двумя VDS и <a href="https://ibb.co/R7GXJys"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/R7GXJys/2020-10-06-10-33-24.png" alt="2020-10-06-10-33-24" border="0"></a> Так же завтра планирую купить третий VDS (завтра IP предоставлю), т.к. мощностей не хватает (кручу по 3-5к зрителей, использую несколько поставщиков прокси).
  12. Добрый день. Подскажите раздел/ТГ канал техподдержки. Не могу найти. Создал тему с вопросом в этом разделе, но не отвечают уже третий день. Форум умер?
  13. @Fortek Sorry sir I know I am bothering you but there isnt my any fault and 15000RUB is alot for me. Please read this once and then your choice. Thanks sir Here are all screenshots of scammer from whom i got scammed.. few days back one person sold me like bot and comment bot after i make the payment he changed id and pass of his soft and not even replying to me. He took my ip for binding of proxies. when firstly i tried to instal his software it took more than 2 hours as u can see in this screenshots of the chats i have given u. After installing this software my pc started lagging too much my internet connection became slow and on that time i was not able to work in my pc he stole all my data from my pc... as u see all i have sent u my btc transaction id and how he scam me all proofs are attached below .. please check and help me pls unlock my id am innocent... Regards @Lara Jean1.. sir i didnt got my premium packet yet waiting for last 20 days why should i share my RBtool key, My data has been stolen by the scammer screenshots are given below. In 20 days i have not used RB tool for more than 20 minutes. I hope u will help.. I got his refrence from this site only and if my account gets unban i can provide u the screenshots of the chat ... Please help Sir @Fortek scammer telegram id - @softforyoutube https://ibb.co/VMqDw1B https://ibb.co/QbdQ79h https://ibb.co/179VYn5 https://ibb.co/THWD6BR https://ibb.co/PWB6qdB https://ibb.co/HY7qB58 https://ibb.co/FKP40RW https://ibb.co/yyMXkTV I know why he sent key to you. Beacuse he was convincing me to buy chatbot 50$ + view bot 200 $. I only agreed to buy chatbot & refused to take viewbot & told him i have trusted bot (Rubot). Then he tried to convince me so hard that he told me he will talk to rubot admin for refund & you can pay that money to me. I have done payment only for chat bot, i didnot buy viewbot & because of that scammer was not happy with it. He also took acces of my pc with Team viewer for the setup of chat bot. Chats of all above conversations are attached below. https://ibb.co/sC2NBrx https://ibb.co/8YmdB0K https://ibb.co/ydkkyZx Please read it once after that you will believe why & how he did this. I didnot send key to anyone i got scammed please help me to get back my account. Sorry for posting this all in new topic. I have already DM you as you did not read DM so i posted it into new topic. Regards @Lara Jean1
  14. i wannna refund my yt primimum is dead before expiry dates i use only 5 days then is dead i want refund this service doesnt work for my youtube channel no impration nothing please fix it or give me refund please check dm i have sent you paswword of my yt primimum very sad to share with u
  15. I purchased YT premium password on 15 August but my watching is not increasing can u please check my pack is working or not..
  16. Pls chek personal massage o have paid for renewal yt premium and service PROXY pls check
  17. @Fortek Сэр, вы можете предоставить нам лайк-бота для потоковой передачи на Youtube. Сейчас многие ютуберы используют лайк-бота, я не знаю, какой именно. У меня есть доказательство. Это скриншот, который просматривает этот человек, всего 470, но вроде 809, как это возможно. Пожалуйста, предоставьте нам своего рода программное обеспечение. Заранее спасибо.
  18. Здравствуйте, @fortek Admin, сэр, я жду последние 5 дней подписки YouTube Premium. Пожалуйста, дайте как можно скорее. Одна неделя почти закончилась из срока действия моей подписки на YouTube в один месяц. плз @fortek сэр Дайте мне как можно скорее Спасибо заранее
  19. Уважаемый @Fortek Admin, сэр! Я загружаю все, и мне очень приятно, когда я получаю программное обеспечение, но прямо сейчас у меня нет своего премиум-пароля YouTube, но я тестировал программное обеспечение. Мне сейчас 62 года, после применения Rubot я смотрю не из-за выигрыша, можете ли вы сказать мне, это из-за премии YouTube или чего-то еще. Пожалуйста, помогите мне ? ? сэр плз
  20. Привет, админ @Fortek Пожалуйста, проверьте мой личный массаж. Я пришлю вам номер моего заказа. Я заплатил биткойнами из Индии, я также отправил вам идентификатор пересечения. Пожалуйста, подтвердите мой заказ. Я жду последние 2 дня
  22. Sir I was using pppoe connection But now my ip address is reset Still I'm using pppoe connection Now my RBtools not giving me watching more then 300 slowly slowly it's dicrease 80 to 50 watching Any solution please I have paid you a ll my savings I don't have money kindly can you please help me to fix this problem please check DM
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