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Found 15 results

  1. i am getting this issue from morning how to fix this bro ??? plz check provided image ... net Framework is already installed
  2. I am HiTLER

    how to use

    hey brothers i bought proxies also but I don't know how to use them with rb tool ... and I didn't get them as i got rb tool after purchase plz help or guide
  3. Dear Sir I just want to ask, if I pay now, how long will I get the software And forgive me if I make a mistake, I am new here, I do not know how to use this site.
  4. Написал Администратору в личные сообщения, письмо на почту, но ответа не последовало. Прошу прочитать мое сообщение и ответить )
  5. Здраствуйте, товарищи накрутчики! Старый пердун вернулся на ваши экраны. В 23ч по мск затестил бесплатные прокси для накрутки зрителей на стрим YouTube. P.S накидайте фуру лайков
  6. Fortek, хотелось бы посмотреть на видео, как работает модуль Youtube-Ultra. Думаю, видеоролик сподвигнет сомневающихся к покупке.
  7. So i purchased Rutools, First order was cancelled because it was a mess in terms of paying. Second order was processing, awaiting for payment.....sent international payment out...order on this website became expired? And i don't know where my payments went? Contact us leads to one single guy Fortek whos an admin. Sent him my issue, proof of payment, but the guy comes online and offline not reading the message? Whats going on?
  8. @Fortek my CPU goes 100% use why this issue after update this software please fix my problem as soon as possible
  9. ORDER #23473 for YT Premium Pack paid on # 13-oct-2020 how much time it will take
  10. Hi, does anyone know why I am not getting a YouTube Premium license? It has already been paid for, but I received only the RBTools program. But I also need YT Premium.@FortekIn the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
  11. From 6days it's not working it's dead before expiry date why I'm not happy with this service Please fix my problem
  12. Pls check DM I have paid fir renew yt premium ans proxy
  13. @FortekAsk this Person to share the Screen Shot where I shared him Key and Password?? If he can proof. I will not question You. But how can you ban your client who has no mistake without even listening to his part. I lost trust in you. Because I have always been so faithful and fan to your services. And I get this in return is really Heart-Breaking and a huge loss on me financially. Last month I used VPS (purchased from www.hostomy.com) , may be someone stole my data from there. Since, I saw some unusual activities on my VPS and I realized that someone might be using my Rubot tool, w
  14. sir first window i starting watching goin good 800 but after 800 wating going dicreasing slowly slowly please fix my problem please
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