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Guest Ilon_Dark

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Guest Ilon_Dark

Работает ли софт с липкими айпи? 

Прилагаю инструкцию, которую мне прислал поставщик прокси:

"How to use Sticky IP- on sticky IP you have a timeout of 1/10/30 minutes.

For example, you Choose sticky 10 minutes, and you connect to IP number 1, as long as you keep sending a request you should stay on the same IP and only when you have a timeout of 30 minutes (timeout= no requests) then the IP will be changed. 

In case you wish to change the IP without waiting for a timeout, all you need to do is to change the port number according to the port range, each port will lead you to new IP. 


How to use Session- works the same like sticky IP BUT instead of whitelist your ip, you just connect through username and password (which you have below the gateway). In the session, the port is always 8000, and your username is ID+GEO+ID-session. To change IP according to your time, all you need is to change the session number(= this is a random number, you can write anything you want) ID+GEO+ID-SESSION


• following my experience with crawling, I will suggest using a session since there is an unlimited session and you have more control over your IP. please make sure you set it up correctly and each time you need a new IP, just open a new request with a new session number."



П.С. есть ли способы оперативной связи с поддержкой (ТГ/Востап)?

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Guest Ilon_Dark

И ещё вопрос. Поддерживает ли софт работу с прокси через сессии? (что бы софт самостоятельно менял сессии)

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