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questions before buying

Guest elly

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hello everyone :)

i'm new here and considering to buy the rubot for twitch, however i have some questions:

does it actually work?

do the viewers show up in the chat list?

what proxies are good to buy for it and what proxies are not ok to use with it? i.e. can i just go to any website and buy proxies or do they have to be specific proxies?

is there any possibility to pay with paypal or credit card (visa/mastercard) as i'm from EU and well, lets just say i dont really have the payment options that are required to purchase this.

last question: is this safe to run on my local machine or are there any virus/threats/bitcoin miners/other crypto miners? or do i have to run it in VM? - also: can i run it in a VM if i want to or is there ANTI-VM detection?


i know its a long list of questions but its a lot of money for me and i'd like them all answered as best as possible.


thank you in advance and have a great evening

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