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All chats & payment details of scammer. Please read at once.

Guest Saurav

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Guest Saurav


Sorry sir I know I am bothering you but there isnt my any fault and 15000RUB is alot for me. Please read this once and then your choice. Thanks sir

Here are all screenshots of scammer from whom i got scammed.. few days back one person sold me like bot and comment bot after i make the payment he changed id and pass of his soft and not even replying to me.  He took my ip for binding of proxies. when firstly i tried to instal his software it took more than 2 hours as u can see in this screenshots of the chats i have given u. After installing this software my pc started lagging too much my internet connection became slow and on that time i was not able to work in my pc he stole all my data from my pc... as u see all i have sent u my btc transaction id and how he scam me all proofs are attached below .. please check and help me pls unlock my id am innocent... Regards @Lara Jean1.. 

sir i didnt got my premium packet yet waiting for last 20 days why should i share my RBtool key,  My data has been stolen by the scammer screenshots are given below. In 20 days i have not used RB tool for more than 20 minutes. I hope u will help..  

I got his refrence from this site only and if my account gets unban i can provide u the screenshots of the chat ... Please help Sir @Fortek

scammer telegram id - @softforyoutube


I know why he sent key to you. Beacuse he was convincing me to buy chatbot 50$ + view bot 200 $. I only agreed to buy chatbot & refused to take viewbot & told him i have trusted bot (Rubot). Then he tried to convince me so hard that he told me he will talk to rubot admin for refund & you can pay that money to me.  I have done payment only for chat bot, i didnot buy viewbot & because of that scammer was not happy with it. He also took acces of my pc with Team viewer for the setup of chat bot. Chats of all above conversations are attached below.

Please read it once after that you will believe why & how he did this. I didnot send key to anyone i got scammed please help me to get back my account.

Sorry for posting this all in new topic. I have already DM you as you did not read DM so i posted it into new topic.


Regards @Lara Jean1

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