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Rb tool 6999 RUB

Innocent Mk

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WHats youtube premium password and whta it is?

Can send me link of tutorial how to use it?

How to use chat bot because when I am clicking on chat grabbers or chat bot so it is not working?

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12 минут назад, Innocent Mk сказал:

I am trying to use twitch chat bot it is working but not youtube chatbot. WHy is it happening?

Pls. Stop create more topics.

Use FAQ: https://rubot.ovh/topic/2268-faq-po-ispolzovaniyu-programmy-rbtools/
Topic for Twitch: https://rubot.ovh/topic/639-zakrytaya-konferenciya-twitch/

Topic for Youtube: https://rubot.ovh/topic/904-zakrytaya-konferenciya-youtube-livestream/https://rubot.ovh/topic/1880-?-zakrytaya-konferenciya-youtube-ultra-livestream/




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